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2019 Panini Limited FOTL Giving Collectors Major Headaches

With Limited Football set to release in the not so distant future, the FOTL “Premium Edition” began arriving to collectors over the past few days.

Each box guaranteed 1 Bronze Spotlight Base Card #’d /18, and 1 Bronze Spotlight RPA or RPA Variation #’d /23.

As collectors began to tear through the boxes, a trend began to arise: the boxes are MISSING HITS!

No autos or memorabilia in one box? No auto in the other!?!? Ridiculous. But it didn’t stop there.

It seems as more of these boxes are busted, more are popping up with missing hits. Now, I know what some of you are thinking, and yes it does say “on average” on the box. However, it does guarantee 5 cards, and the guaranteed FOTL Parallels. And on boxes where you’re paying more and is a limited run, QC should be that much easier.

And therein lies the real problem: The companies have relied on Cartamundi (the printer of EVERYTHING), which has continuously gone downhill, to handle their pack-out process. Until this current process changes, we better get used to it.

Another week, another QC nightmare for collectors.

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