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Operation Gem Mint? FAKE Steve Smith Sr. PSA/DNA Slab Surfaces

Another day, another FAKE auto slabbed by a “major” grading company.  When the eBay auction was first posted in The Carolina Panther Collective Facebook group, myself and many of the other members immediately had our suspicions. And for good reason.

Two highly credible sources have now confirmed that this is, in fact, a forgery. How someone at PSA slabs this as authentic is baffling to me. Although, after the last few weeks, nothing should surprise us anymore.

In addition to the fact that the handwriting is completely off, even for a rushed signature, there’s the inclusion of the “89”, rarely seen on Smitty RC Autos to begin with.  Add in that Mighty Mouse has always been quite adamant about NOT signing his Rookie Cards, and there are more than enough flags for any authenticator to at least give it a harder look.

Sadly, Operation Gem Mint (somebody has to coin it haha) looks to only be beginning.

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