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Supercollection Sunday: 2011 Topps Football w/ Ron Marion

2011 topps
Welcome to Supercollection Sunday, a brand new weekly series here at Hobby Roundup! Each week we’ll be shining a spotlight on some of the incredible Supercollections in the hobby, and get to know the person (or people) behind the collection.  This week we shine the spotlight on Ron Marion and his 2011 Topps Football Master Set. That’s every card, every subset, all parallels.  Set-building on ‘roids, if you will.

What made you decide to try and build the ENTIRE 2011 Topps Football Master Set? That’s quite the endeavor.
Ron Marion: Well, I got out of card collecting as a kid during the ’94 MLB Strike, and then I became more of a football fan. In 2011 I was walking through Walmart with my girlfriend and I just wanted a pack of cards to open.  I saw 2011 Topps, and it seemed like a pretty simple design on the cover. So I grab the cards, and when I opened them the design just reminded me of the late 80’s baseball I collected as a kid. I started buying more packs and I hand collated the base set and all the inserts.  Then I started getting on eBay, and I realized that most people were only interested in Topps Chrome, so there wasn’t a whole lot of competition for them.
2011 Topps Football
When did you start the collection, and how far along were you at last check?
RM: I started the collection in 2011, and there are 49 subsets in the main set.  I have over 30 complete, and two cards or less away from completing four more.
game day signatures topps football
How much would you estimate that you have spent on the collection?
RM: I could throw a number out there, but people would never believe me, but I could tell you I could’ve easily bought a house. I’ve opened probably 30 cases or more, hundreds of boxes, bought thousands of singles on tens of different websites. I think I’m roughly 85% of the way through my collection not counting the one of one cards.

What have been some of the hardest cards to find in the set?
RM: That would probably be a cross between the Platinum 1/1 parallels and the serial numbered Bowman minis.

Do you collect anything else outside of the 2011 Topps Football?
RM: I don’t really collect much else outside of this.  I have a few little things I grab from time to time, but nothing serious.

What are some of the bigger cards your’e currently searching for?
RM: My main needs are the Black parallel #’d /55 of Matt Hasselbeck, two more Face of The Franchise Dual Autographs #’d /25. Two Game Day Jumbo Relics #’d /20. Two Tom Brady autographs, and an Eli Manning autograph.  With those I’ll complete a bunch of subsets.
faces franchise dual autograph card footballgameday jumboHow can people get in touch with you if they have any cards for the set?
RM: I’m on Facebook & Instagram as 2011 Topps Football. Easy to reach. Most of the card community knows me best from being the creator of Sportscard Scammers Exposed, and the guy crazy enough to miss rent payments for this set.

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