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Anything But “Flawless”: 2018 Panini Flawless Football

flawless alstott error

flawless: adjective
“without any mistakes or imperfections; perfect.”

It’s one of the most anticipated releases of the NFL collecting calendar. Panini Flawless Football.  With its Gem-embedded cards, premium quality stock and stylish design all encased in a gorgeous briefcase, Flawless has been a staple of the high-end collecting community since its inception. But perhaps nothing draws collectors to the product more than the the top rookies, vets & HOF’ers auto’s being ON-CARD!

One of the aforementioned HOF’ers, Rams Legend Jack Youngblood, has a very limited autograph line in 2018 Flawless.  99% of them seem to be signed by Jack himself, with his easily recognizable autograph beautifully signed on his cards.  But, as pointed out by the Lemme Get That Podagraph podcast, in his Flawless Greats signature line, card 20/20 is missing the iconic signature.  Instead, replaced by legendary Tampa Bay Fullback Mike Alstott.




So many questions on how this happened.  How did Alstott not notice this looked NOTHING like an Alstott picture (let alone having a different name on it)? Yes, he signs a ton of cards, but he didnt for Flawless, and how can you not notice a card that looks nothing like you.  Let alone the WRONG name in direct line with your eyes? But once he did sign it, how did it pass QC upon arrival? MULTIPLE employees, looked over these cards. Lastly, how in the world did this get placed into a pack since these are not done by machine but by hand?
flawless alstott error youngblood flawless

Regardless of what the answers are, we’re left with one hell of a unique card!  But QC (from BOTH of the “Big 2”) have some MAJOR work to do (see below)

***It’s FAR from a Panini issue, as Topps put this gem into 2019 Finest.  I guess I’d rather have the wrong players auto on a card as opposed to a blank spot??? Whoops!!***

topps finest missing auto
Happy Friday Everyone!

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