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The Greatest Mistakes: The Magical Jordan Swagerty Elite Autographs

Welcome to a new series here at Hobby Roundup, “The Greatest Mistakes”, where we put a spotlight on some of the most iconic (or infamous) mistakes card companies have made over the years. From patches to signatures to photography, card companies have let some truly baffling cards pass through Quality Control.

First up on The Greatest Mistakes are some truly magical cards: the 2010 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Jordan Swagerty Autographs. Drafted in the 2nd Round of the 2010 Draft by the Cardinals, these were some of the first official autographed cards produced of the young prospect. Maybe that’s why these were given the magic touch.

2010 EEE was a strong product, full of current superstars like Christian Yelich. But as collectors began to bust boxes and cards began to hit the secondary market, immediately eagle-eyed collectors noticed that the vast majority of Jordan Swagerty Autographed cards featured a sticker with a different players autograph. That player? NBA Hall of Fame & Lakers legend Magic Johnson!

What makes the mistake even more confusing (and hilarious) is that a very small amount of his cards do feature his actual autograph. But AT LEAST 75% feature the Lakers legends signature, across multiple different auto sets in the product.

The confusion is understandable of course, as these are obviously mirror images of one another.

While Swagerty lasted only 4 years in the Minors, his 2010 Donruss Elite  “Autographs” will continue to live on in infamy as one of the most dumbfounding errors in hobby history.

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