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I Would Like To Take This Opportunity To Talk About Myself

Hello Friends and Collectors! My name is Jon, and I am honored to be the newest guest contributor of The Hobby Round Up. Unlike the majority of collectors’ I collect solely hockey. So, my writing will be focused primarily on that, with a sprinkling of personal musings about the hobby thrown in. The focus of my collection is the Carolina Hurricanes, a team which I am an avid fan and season ticket holder of. Within that Collection I am the proud owner of the largest documented personal Collection of former Defenseman Justin Faulk as documented by the Trading Card Database. My Personal Collection was recently featured in Beckett Hockey as the Super-Collector of the Month in July 2019.

My genesis back into the hobby was unique within itself! I am a veteran of the armed forces, having served in the Navy for 11 years. I also suffer with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Well in 2016 I required hip surgery with a pretty lengthy recovery time. My wife being the amazing woman she is realized me dealing with other issues while on painkillers was not a good combination. So, she purchased a box of Upper Deck Hockey 2015-2016, and the rest is history. I use this hobby as an escape when life gets to real, or when the demons of depression and clinical anxiety rear their ugly heads. This Hobby is supposed to be fun and I intend to keep it that way.

My Philosophy within the hobby is a simple one; “Collect what YOU love regardless of monetary value!”. It is your personal collection,and meant for you to be proud of so whatever you enjoy collecting is what you should collect. I try to follow the philosophy of collecting like a six-year old. Have you ever seen a six-year old play? Some of the strangest things make them happy, and nobody else’s opinion affects their happiness. I see the Hobby as a release from the real world! We all have stressors both personal and professional, and sometimes life just kicks us when we’re down! Our Hobby should be something that levels us out and allows us to decompress and unwind. If you find stress and misery in collecting cards then I promise you, you are doing it wrong!

I am truly honored to be a part of The Hobby Round Up ,and would like to ask everyone to give me a follow on Twitter @CaniacCollector. Thank You for Reading and have a peaceful day.


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