Juan Soto: Key Rookie Cards

Tuesday’s NL Wild Card Game brought drama, excitement, and hype around one Nationals youngster. OF Juan Soto delivered a game-winning, bases-clearing single to give the Nationals a 4-3 win over the Brewers.

Soto is one of a select few players in the MLB that does not have an abundance of RCs. This is due to the speed at which he was brought through the minor leagues, dashing through four levels of the Nationals farm system in two months. That being said, here’s the top rookie cards of the 20-year old that you can keep your eye out for.

2016 Bowman International Ink Insert #II-JS

While not his most valuable card, Soto’s first ever baseball card, his 2016 Bowman International Ink Insert, is part of a subset inserted into 2016 Bowman, a product that yields many other hot rookies and 1st Bowmans. While it’s a card you can currently find for about $3-4 ungraded, while PSA 10s jump in value to around $50. This card is not a short-term investment option, but has potential to grow in value if he continues to pan out.

2018 Topps Archives #73 RC

Sticking with the firsts theme, Soto’s first ever MLB rookie card is found in 2018 Topps Archives. While Archives is not the most popular compared to other Topps products, the hidden gem of Soto’s first rookie card gives the product an interesting twist. PSA 10 versions of this card are hovering around $20-25, but should be among one of the first cards to rise in value, especially after a stellar performance such as Tuesday night.


2018 Topps Update #US300.1 RC

Considered the trademark rookie card, this Topps Update card features the iconic image collectors will associate in their minds with Juan Soto rookie cards. Found in a loaded 2018 Topps Update product that features rookies of other superstars such as Ohtani, Acuna, and Meadows, raw versions find a price-point of $10-15, while graded PSA 10s go for around $50-60. The many variations of this card also are worth a good amount, but in the long run, the classic #300.1 rookie card will be the card that collectors remember.

2016 Bowman Chrome Prospect Autographs #CPA-JS

Considered the holy grail of Soto’s cards, his 1st Bowman was snuck into 2016 Bowman Chrome, a product that is considered one of the hottest products of the decade due to the possibility of finding 1st Bowman autos of Soto, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., and Fernando Tatis Jr. This is THE card to own of Juan Soto; this is the card that will rise the highest and fall the lowest. Collectors can find a Soto 1st Bowman autograph for around $400, but PSA 10s and BGS 9.5s fetch about $8-900 for just the base version. For colored variations, a recent purple refractor /250 BGS 9.5 brought in $1,600. It’s a pricey investment, but the potential for turn-around value is astronomical.

With the skills, potential, and current team status, Juan Soto is poised to produce great numbers and clutch moments for years to come in our nation’s capital. His rookie cards could become harder and harder to find down the road in his career, so it may be best to be on the hunt for these key rookie cards now.

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