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MonsterWatch AUCTIONS Week of 9/30-10/6

Welcome back everyone to MonsterWatch Week 3! Your weekly look at some of the biggest and/or most influential auctions of the week around the hobby. Yet another week with some absolute MONSTERS up for grabs, so lets dive right in!
Note: Shockingly, there we’re quite a few MONSTERS that weren’t PWCC or Probstein Auctions.  Could a shift be in the works?

2008 Spx Superscripts Autos Tom Brady, Manning, Favre, Rivers 12/15
This monster speaks for itself! Featuring 4 of the best QB’s of the last 20 years, this card is a true piece of history for any QB/HOF Collector. The stickers are a disappointment, but certain cards that can be overlooked.
ENDS: SUNDAY 10/6 @ 12:04pm EST

Baker Mayfield Cracked Ice Auto/Rookie Card 12/24 9.5/10
Baker looks to be back on track, finally finding his groove Sunday, leading the Browns to a statement win over Baltimore. Collectors took notice, as his cards have once again begun to surge. This beautiful Cracked Ice Contenders will show just how much faith collectors put into Sundays performance.
ENDS: THURSDAY 10/3 @ 7:48 EST

2019 Bowman Chrome Julio Rodriguez Blue Auto /150 PSA 10
Although the hype has died down significantly for 2019 BC (almost immediately upon release), there are of course a few prospects still garnering MONSTER attention. Julio Rodriguez would be one of those prospects. With the prospecting market the way it is, the sky’s the limit with this beauty.
ENDS: FRIDAY 10/4 @ 8:08pm EST

2018 Contenders Mason Rudolph /24 Cracked Ice Auto BGS 9.5/10
Steelers have always sold well, but it seems many people outside of Pittsburgh have jumped on the Rudolph bandwagon, as his prices have begun to SOAR. We’ll see if it is something that can last, but this beautiful Cracked Ice sale could reset the entire Rudolph Contenders market.
ENDS: TUESDAY 10/8 @ 1:10pm EST

2016 Bowman Chrome Juan Soto Green Refractor #/99 Auto PSA 10
As if he didn’t have enough hype, Soto quickly became the talk of the Postseason so far w/his clutch Game 1 performance. Although his cards have been on the rise, a strong October could shoot him to another level. This is one to watch for sure.
Authors Note: Every time I see one of these I can’t help but think of the altered Super, and a tear begins to form.
ENDS: SUNDAY 10/6 @ 9:30pm EST

2017 Contenders PATRICK MAHOMES auto rookie card RC
What a week for the Mahomes market. In addition to the MONSTER from last week (see below), his Prizm non-auto Black Finite 1/1 went for $39,000! With quite a bit of time left, this private auction will most likely set a new baseline for the Contenders market.
ENDS:SUNDAY 10/6 @ 4:03pm EST

Although he fell just a little short of a 40/40 season, Acuna is still THE up-and-coming Superstar of choice for collectors. Its no coincidence this MONSTER was put up for auction right as Acuna looks to lead the Braves to the promised land. With a strong start, this could end up being massive.
ENDS: TUESDAY 10/8 12:17pm EST

Gardner Minshew 1/1 Immaculate RC Auto Conf. Logo Patch
With a 1/4 of the season done, Minshew looks like a starting QB. A Star? The jury’s still out on that one, but collectors are seemingly going all-in on the former ECU (and 30 others schools) QB, lighting it up for the Jaguars when Foles went down. This beauty could end up hitting six figures!
ENDS: FRIDAY 10/4 @ 3:52pm

2019 Kyler Murray Panini Immaculate Jumpman Logo RC Patch Auto 2/2
Patches such as the Jumpman Logo will always command a premium. Combined with current hobby darling Kyler Murray and you’ve got a recipe for an absolute MONSTER, a rarity in early season releases,
ENDS: SUNDAY 10/6 @ 10:12pm EST

2019 Goodwin Michael Jordan Exquisite Signature Kicks Laces Auto
WOW. One look at this card and you can see why it’s on this weeks MW. One of (if not THE) coolest MJ Relics on 2019, this beauty should command quite the pretty penny. Laces cards always command a premium, but adding MJ & an an on-card signature? That’s a recipe for a MONSTER.
ENDS: SUNDAY 10/6 8:50pm EST

As you can see, this week is dominated mostly by football. With the NFL season in full swing & the NFL market thriving like never before, expect to see some monumental sales as the season progresses.

MonsterWatch Auction Analysis 9/23 – 9/30:


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