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MonsterWatch: Major Sports Card Auctions for the Week of 9/16-9/22

MonsterWatch Sports Cards Auctions ebay

Welcome to MonsterWatch, a new weekly feature here on HobbyRoundup.com.  Every week we will shine a spotlight on various auctions from around the hobby (eBay, Heritage, Pristine, Goldin etc.), focusing on cards and memorabilia that are big for the hobby or their individual markets a.k.a the MONSTERS of the hobby.  Final sold prices will be listed in the following weeks MonsterWatch, along with its impact on the market.  So, without further ado, lets dive into the Monsters of the Week!

Note: it’s shocking to me how most BIG cards are listed through PWCC.  Despite everthing that has been reported, it seems most collectors trust them for high $ items.  Will be interesting to see if that changes as MonsterWatch progresses.

arenado bowman chrome autograph

2010 Bowman Chrome Red Refractor Nolan Arenado ROOKIE RC AUTO 5/5 BGS 9.5 
An absolute MONSTER, and what could end up being a landmark sale for the star third baseman.  With a Gold Glove in every season since his rookie year, 4 consecutive Silver Slugger awards, and at least 37 HR & 110 RBI in each of the last 5 seasons (ONLY 3B to accomplish this), it’s easy to see why his cards are on the rise.

ENDS: Wednesday 9/18 @ 9:20pm EST

Lamar Jackson Auto RC 2018 Contenders Rookie Ticket Varaition SSP PSA 10
Not all Monsters will be $20,000 cards. Some are just significant jumps in sales as the year progresses. Such is the case for Lamar Jackson, who has been taking the league by storm the first two weeks of the season. Collectors have taken notice, and his auto’s and key RC’s have started to soar.

ENDS: Sunday 9/22 @ 9:35pm EST

2009 Bowman Chrome Xfractor Mike Trout ROOKIE RC AUTO JSY # 27/225 BGS 9
Another week, another massive Trout sale in the hobby. Whether you’re a fan of them or not (I’m not), Jersey Numbered Autographs do command a premium from time to time, making this Xfractor Auto sale one to watch. With Trout approaching another possible MVP season, its no surprise the price is quickly rising.

ENDS: Wednesday 9/18 @ 9:20pm EST

2017 National Treasures S & S Patrick Mahomes II ROOKIE RC AUTO PATCH /13
There’s nobody in the NFL hotter than Pat Mahomes. The young QB has been amazing through two weeks of the 2019 Season, and collectors are taking notice (over $15k with 5 days left!!!). One of the more sought after Mahomes RC Autos, the NT True RPA will continue to set records for Mahomes RC sales. What will be interesting to see is how the FOTL Stars & Stripes variation here sells for, as it seems to be carving out quite the niche market itself.

ENDS: Sunday 9/22 @ 11:40pm EST

2019-20 Contenders Building Blocks College Ticket Zion Williamson RC AUTO 5/5
You should probably get used to seeing the name Zion in MonsterWatch, at least for the foreseeable future. While other players in this years Rookie Class will probably (hopefully) emerge as the season progresses, it’s Zions world for now. At least the auctions aren’t being trolled as much anymore.

ENDS: Tuesday 9/17 @ 11:59pm EST

2009 Exquisite Collection Flashback Michael Jordan AUTO PATCH /23 BGS 8.5
Michael Jordan + UD Exquisite Collection= MONSTER. In what could be argued is one of the best sets of modern cards produced, 2009-2010 UD Exquisite was FILLED with MONSTERS. Nothing represents that more than this incredible ERP Flashbacks auto w/ 4-panel Swatch.

ENDS: Thursday 9/19 @ 11:21pm EST

1909-11 T206 Ty Cobb – Ty Cobb (Portrait-Red) PSA Good 2
We can’t forget about VINTAGE! Over at Heritage Auction House, there are quite a few incredible vintage cards up for auction. However, one stands out above the rest.: a beautiful Ty Cobb T208 is garnering some massive interest. As of press time, the current bid was already $130,000! Absolutely incredible prices for the baseball Legend.

ENDS: Thursday 9/19 @ Midnight EST

2019 Luminaries Hank Greenberg Game Used Bat Knob Cut Auto 1/1
WOW. Now here’s one you don’t see every day. 2019 Topps Luminaries provided collectors with some of the nicest and most unique cards of the year, regardless of sport. Their booklets in particular, provided collectors a chance at a piece of baseball history, as evident by this amazing Bat Knob-Cut Auto Booklet of “Hammering Hank,” widely regarded as one of the greatest sluggers of his era (or ever, depending on who you ask).

ENDS: Friday 9/20 @ 9:49pm EST

It’s really no surprise there’s multiple Luminaries booklets on the list this week. Pairing the Two-way Superstar with the World HR Record Holder, quite possibly the two best Japanese Baseball players of all time, this booklet should command quite the pretty penny when all is said and done.

ENDS: Wednesday 9/18 @ 10:31pm EST

2012 National Treasures Anthony Davis ROOKIE RC AUTO PATCH /199 RC BGS 9
Take one of the top players in the league, move them from New Orleans to Los Angeles, and pair them with Lebron James. What do you get? A whole lot of hobby love. AD’s cards are seeing a significant rise as we near the start of the NBA season, and for good reason. He’s long been well undervalued in the hobby compared to his counterparts. The LA market changes that.

ENDS: Thursday 9/19 @ 11:21pm EST

Last Weeks Monsters: N/A

***Future editions of MonsterWatch will feature the results of the previous week’s auctions & brief analysis of sale***

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