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What Were They Thinking?

When Panini released the 2018-2019 version of Spectra last week, collectors were understandably excited.  The Optichrome-on-Steroids release looked incredibly strong yet again, continuing its trend of improving each year.  However, as collectors and breakers began tearing open packs, one of the most intriguing insert sets in quite some time, “Headliners” began to surface.  Yeah….”intriguing” is the word I’ll go with.

As of this writing, I still cant decide if I genuinely like the cards, or despise them.  Every time one of these cards comes across my FB or IG feed, I can’t help but stop and laugh.  It almost feels like someone on the design team slapped a SCORE insert design on the Spectra background as a joke, but ran with it once it was a hit in meetings.  But at the same time, there’s something oddly appealing about them. It’s like a movie that’s so incredibly bad, its enjoyable.

If the shocking design wasn’t enough, Panini paired it with some “clever” puns, sure to keep collectors smiling for years to come. Special props to whoever chose the final design for AD.  Coming soon to your children’s nightmares:

A SSP Case Hit, the Headliners inserts are definitely quite the tough pull.  Spectra isn’t a mass produced product as it is, so (thankfully) there won’t be an abundance of these masterpieces on the secondary market. And while the jury is still out on if I like these or not, they are definitely turning some heads.


(Great, now Panini has ME making awful puns)

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