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Sorry it smeared! -CE

Sometimes it’s an unknown trading card that gets found in a pack or box that can create as much excitement as a known super hit. While everyone is chasing the know hidden gem’s hoping lady luck will smile down on them, sometimes you get a consolation prize or the dreaded redemption card. On January 7, 2017 it was a redemption card.

This redemption card had a story it was keeping to its self unbeknownst to its owner or anyone else.

This redemption card story started January 7, 2017 in a break with Platinum Card Breaks.  Everyone was busting 2016 Panini National Treasures at the time as it was the latest NASCAR product from Panini.

The redemption was for a Carl Edwards Jumbo Sheet Metal Signatures Gold card. The breakers didn’t give it a second look and went on the next card in the break which was a Chase Elliott one of one, 2 color patch, autographed printing plate. How could you blame them?

While the redemption card was in the mail to it’s new owner, Carl Edwards stepped away from NASCAR and Joe Gibbs racing.  The card arrived safe and sound and the proud owner redeemed the card through the Panini America web site and the waiting began.

Then about a week ago, now May 2019, the card arrived. The owner said when he first looked at the card he thought that it wouldn’t be worth much since the autograph was smeared. Then when he saw the inscription from Card Edwards himself, he thought it was really cool and unique.

The card is currently being auctioned off on eBay and ends Wednesday May 23, 2019.  This unique card will definitely be a conversation piece for someone.

Here is the January 7, 2017 video from the original break, right before the redemption was pulled!


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