Ok Topps, Enough With “The Red Sox Bush” already.

Ok, ok. Get your heads out of the gutter! This is a family friendly site (lol)!

Anyways, back to the situation at hand. As a collector, March is definitely one of the more exciting months. You get some of the best releases from all sports, as well as the beginning of the 2020 MLB collecting season. But one product in particular always stands out the most to me: Topps Heritage Baseball.

Every year I look forward to heading to the local shop (or retail location), buying the various configurations, and ripping into some modern cards that take me to a time in collecting where I wasn’t even born yet. In fact, a lot of my vintage knowledge comes from modern Topps Heritage.

This year, of course, was no different. I stocked up on all the various formats, and began ripping the wax, immersing myself in the legendary 1971 design. However, before I could even finish a single blaster, a familiar face reared it’s head: (what I have forever dubbed ) the “Red Sox Bush.” And boy does she make her presence felt yet again.

If the bush looks familiar, that’s because it should. 2020 is FAR from the Red Sox Bush’s debut, as apparently its as essential to the Red Sox Heritage cards as the players themselves. Lets take a look at just the last five years, shall we?

With an entire stadium at their disposal, over the past FIVE years, almost every Red Sox card features the “Red Sox Bush.” It’s frustrating to see the same general design year after year. You mean to tell me there is nowhere in or around that entire, LEGENDARY stadium that can provide a vintage feel? C’mon man! Or, for all we know, it’s just their lucky bush. Whatever the reason, the RSB is apparently quite essential.

Can You Spot the Red Sox Bush?

Pure laziness or superstition, I’ll leave that to you to decide. But in a world that is quite unpredictable, one thing you can count on is the ” Red Sox Bush” appearing in Heritage baseball. We’ve reached out to the Red Sox Bush and their management but they were unavailable for comment.

***Editors Note: I’m far from a BoSox fan. If you have any info on this apparently essential bush, please reach out!
And Sox fans, enjoy another year of that Red Sox Bush!***

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