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Too (2x) Much of A Good Thing?

2019 bowman mega box mojo franco wander

In what has become a mid-May tradition, “collectors” across the country flocked to their local Target (or in some cases, every Target within a 200 mile radius) to empty the shelves of the newly released Bowman Mega Boxes.

Almost as soon as photos emerged showing the boxes had hit the shelves, eBay & Facebook groups were flooded with boxes double, some triple, in price.  Lines began to snap fill, total ebay sales increased by the refresh.  The yearly trend was back in full force,  But do these boxes (and the product in general) deserve it?

One of the biggest driving forces of the Mega Boxes appeal was always the perception that it was a limited run product.  And, for the first two years, that holds true.  But as Ryan Cracknell & Baseball Card Junkie pointed out on Twitter, Topps DOUBLED the print run for this years Mega Boxes.
topps bowman mega box 2019 wander franco topps bowman mega box 2019 wander franco
With that type of increase, I don’t see how Bowman Mega Boxes maintain their appeal to collectors.  Up until now, they we’re one of the only retail-exclusive products that the “hobby only” elitists considered reputable.  The exclusivity was a main reason behind this, and now that has vanished.  Getting the auto’s on-card was a great improvement, but with increases like this it’s not long before it’s looked at as the Target equivalent of Bowman Platinum.

Here’s hoping Topps is paying attention and scales the production back significantly next year, before another product can’t be saved.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Don’t pay the current mark-up.  They will be EVERYWHERE in a week or two

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  1. The math is a bit off, but yep the production run was almost doubled this year.

    2017: 150,000 packs
    2018: 175,000 packs
    2019: 325,000 packs

    • Good call! After taking a look at those myself, that looks right to me. I just hope it doesn’t continue. Like I was saying, getting the on card autos was excellent. Now scale it back some in terms of production, the community would love it too. I didn’t touch on it in the article, but I hope they also alter their distribution methods a little bit. But that’s a whole other beast haha

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